Slurry process polyethylene catalyst to achieve domestic


PetroChina’s major science and technology project—the development and industrial application of high-efficiency slurry process polyethylene catalysts—was passed in Beijing last week and was rated as an outstanding project for catalyst development. The domestically-produced polyethylene catalyst developed by Liaoyang Petrochemical Company is the first catalyst independently developed by PetroChina for the production of polyethylene, and has created an integrated research and development of polyethylene catalysts, industrial amplification, production applications and new product development. precedent. This new type of catalyst is suitable for domestic Basel's Hostalen process and other slurry high-density polyethylene units.
The high-efficiency catalyst preparation technology developed by Liaoyang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. ended the situation in which all polyethylene catalysts in the slurry process depended on imports, filling the gap in domestic preparation technologies for such catalysts. At present, the project has applied for three Chinese patents for invention, forming two proprietary technologies for carrier surface repair and efficient catalyst preparation.
According to reports, at the end of the last century, 70 years ago, Liaoyang Petrochemical introduced a slurry process polyethylene plant from abroad. The catalyst used has long relied on imports. In order to realize the localization of the polyethylene catalyst in the slurry process, Liaoyang Petrochemical actively digested and absorbed the imported catalyst preparation technology. At the end of the 1980s, it completed the laboratory development of the high-efficiency slurry process polyethylene catalyst, and then the catalyst preparation device of the research institute. The pilot scale of the preparation process was completed. In 2007, they succeeded in realizing the industrial scale-up of the catalyst on the 6-ton/year catalyst preparation device. The catalyst was first successfully used in the 70,000-ton/year polyethylene industrial plant of Liaoyang Petrochemical Co., Ltd., highlighting the high catalyst activity, stable release, and polymerization process. Easy to control and other advantages.
The localization of catalysts also promoted the development of new products for Liaoyang Petrochemical. Since 2008, Liaoyang Petrochemical has used the catalyst to develop three new special products for J0253P pipe cross-linked polyethylene, L8060 chlorinated polyethylene, and HM2055 hot-sol polyethylene. Among them, L8060 chlorinated polyethylene, HM2055 hot-sol polyethylene new products completed the pilot scale, J0253P pipe with peroxide cross-linked polyethylene to achieve industrial production, its hydrostatic strength, thermal stability and other indicators have reached the same import Product level. In the past two years, Liaoyang Petrochemical has successively developed and produced special products such as CM1055, CM2055, special material for hot melt adhesive HM2055, special materials for high chlorinated polyethylene L3055, and 0244Q special materials for automobile single-layer fuel tanks. .

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