The highest proportion of electric vehicles in the United States TOP10


The highest proportion of electric vehicles in the United States TOP10 Forbes magazine recently reported an article on the investigation of the clean energy vehicle segment. At the same time, it compared the “U.S. Top 10 Cleanest Cities in the United States,” which is “the top ten cities in the United States.”

Although the proportion of hybrid vehicles and pure electric vehicles is relatively small, it accounts for only 3% of the national automobile market, but according to Southfield's R. L. Polk&Co. The survey shows that in 15 cities in the United States, the proportion of hybrid vehicles reached 30%, and pure electric vehicles reached 41% (although these regions accounted for only 12.5% ​​of all registered new cars).

"Nine of these 15 cities have a hybrid penetration of 6%," explains Polk's analyst Tom Libby. “In San Francisco, every new car sold in the most concentrated market for hybrid vehicles, one of which must be a hybrid.” In Los Angeles and San Francisco, people have the strongest purchasing power for plug-in electric vehicles, only these two Urban sales account for a quarter of pure electric vehicles sales. Later, we will introduce you to the cities that have the most hybrid vehicles.

Due to the ecological environment of the region, we are not surprised to see that the western coast is the most concentrated area for hybrid vehicles. In addition to San Francisco and Los Angeles, it also includes Monterey, California, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Eureka, Chicago, Palm Springs, Sacramento, Eugene, Portland, Portland, Bend, Oregon. And Medford, Portland, WA, and Tucson, Arizona.

The central and southern cities with the smallest proportion of electric vehicles are the favorite of small convertible trucks. Tulsa, Oklahoma, has the least electric vehicles, at 0.58%, and only accounts for 0.01% of all registered vehicles. Other cities with fewer hybrid or battery-powered vehicles are Lafayette and Lake Charles Lake in Indiana, Odessa, Texas, and Glendive, Montana, in the North. The Bismarck area of ​​Minot, Dakota, and the Greenwood-Greenville area of ​​South Carolina.

However, Electric Vehicle sales have continued to grow. For example, Toyota Prius's hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles beat all competitors in the United States. The number of registered fourth-generation converted models sold last year reached 236,659, an increase of 73.4%. The excellent sales performance made Toyota Prius the 13th best-selling model in the United States. In addition, as Toyota’s trump card, Prius also defeated many old models, including the Lexus brand produced by Toyota.

1. San Francisco, San Francisco, California (including Oakland and San Jose) has the highest registration rates for hybrid and pure electric vehicles, with hybrid vehicles accounting for 9.4% and pure electric vehicles accounting for 0.52%.

2. The city of Monterey in Monterey, California is famous for its historic landmarks and Fisherman’s Wharf. The registration rate of hybrid vehicles in the city reached 8.84%, and the registration rate of pure electric vehicles reached 0.26%.

3. Eugene, Oregon, is centered at the University of Oregon, which has 7.89% of hybrid cars and 0.15% of pure electric vehicles.

4. The University of California, Santa Barbara, California is located in the city. In this city full of educational culture, the registration ratio of hybrid and pure electric vehicles is 7.50% and 0.35%, respectively.

5. The registration ratio of hybrid and pure electric vehicles in San Diego, California, was 7.13% and 0.34%, respectively.

6. The picturesque city of Eureka, Eureka, California, is picturesque and beautiful. The city has only 2783 registered vehicles, of which 6.97% are hybrid vehicles and 0.18% are pure electric vehicles.

7. Los Angeles, California It is well known that Los Angeles has a lot of cars and traffic conditions are very poor. The ratio of hybrid vehicles here is 6.62%, and pure electric vehicles are 0.20%.

8. Chicago, California, has a famous California State University. The registration rates for hybrid and pure electric vehicles were 6.06% and 0.17% respectively.

9. The beautiful statue of Marilyn Monroe stands in Palm Springs, California. The city has 6.03% hybrid cars and 0.12% pure electric cars.

10. The Willamette and Portland Rivers in Portland, Oregon meet here. The registration rates of hybrid and pure electric vehicles in the city were 5.95% and 0.28%, respectively.

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