The styrene will leave the market soon


This week was affected by the Christmas and New Year festivals. Styrene's external disk was stable and the domestic styrene trend stabilized. In respect of raw materials, Sinopec Benzene is planned to be raised by RMB 100/t next week, pushing up styrene costs. Since mid-December, styrene production costs have reversed with prices in the East China market, and some markets have been losing money due to traders’ In the second and third months of next year, the US dollar will have good expectations. Reluctant to sell the spot, the East China market will have an inventory of 94,000 tons. At the same time, near the end of the year, terminal funds will be tight. The stock market has not yet emerged, the market is slow, and the current high-end support for styrene is weak. The closing price is around 9850 yuan/ton. The low-end northeast market in North China or the transaction is fair, Beijing and Tianjin to 9650-9850 yuan / ton, the South China market was deserted, the price is strong at 9950 yuan / ton. It is expected that the weakness in the domestic market will remain, but the cost will increase in the market and pre-holiday small-scale procurement. The recent market operating range will be between 9800 and 10,000 yuan/ton.


The machine is used to process untwisted chinlon into high stretch fiber.At the same time, it can make spandex and stretch chinlon to be air covering. Through the special intermingle nozzle to achieve chinlon/polyester air covering in one step. The machine is the most advanced, low energy consumption,but high production.



1.Three rollers named machine D1,D2,D2.2,all adopt the godet mechanism. The godet is controlled by the micro-motors. It control the fiber will and ensure the stretching.

2.The machine`s two sides (A-B) running relatively independent, both adopt energy-saving motor instead of belt,the process parameters can be set separately. Two sides could process different productions.

3.The specially energy-saving nozzle can save air and power.

4.Two-step D2 roller structure improve the node uniformity and fastness of the nylon spandex.

5.The special fiber structure is adopted to improve the efficiency of fiber processing.

6.The adjustable spandex universal support is adopted to ensure the spandex feeding well during high speed running.

7.Electric structure ensures convenient and quick threading.(Optional)

8.Machine`s deformation heater adopts biphenyl air heating.The temperature precision is exact to ±1 ℃ assure every spindle`s temperature to be same.This is beneficial for dying.

9.Excellent machine structure reliable drive system and low noise. It is easy for process adjustment, and maintained by single spindle to improve productivity.

Draw Texturing Machine

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