Cracks in tire timing belts must not be ignored


Tire aging is prone to danger

It is believed that people often hear about puncture accidents or traffic accidents that have not been promptly replaced due to the aging of tires. The most effective way to prevent accidents is to check and replace the aging tires in time.

The main material of tires is rubber, and rubber products have a certain service life. According to the official claims of tire manufacturers, under normal circumstances, the life of the tires should be in the interval of 6 to 80,000 kilometers.

Tires need to be checked and the road conditions of the long-term driving of the special owners are rather poor. This work is of vital importance and cannot be ignored. After all, poor road conditions have a serious impact on the life of the tires. In this special case, the owner of the vehicle needs to check the tire regularly. If it is found that the tire is worn to the limit warning mark or a bulge appears on the side of the tire, it is recommended that the owner of the tire be replaced in time.

In addition to tire puncture caused by tire aging, tire pressure is not correct tire puncture is also an important reason. Therefore, the owner must also develop a good habit of checking the tire pressure on his own. In addition, he recommends that the owner should be equipped with a simple tire pressure gauge to test the tire pressure of the four tires every one month, so that the owner can have a bottom in his heart. .

Cracks in the timing belt must not be ignored

The timing belt is made of rubber material. It will gradually wear out as the engine working time increases. Under normal circumstances, the vehicle will travel to 80,000 km or within 2 to 4 years (depending on the manufacturer's requirements). Suitable. If the belt becomes worn, cracked or deformed due to aging, and the owner does not replace it in time, the consequences may be more life-threatening, in addition to the costly damage to the engine parts and the expensive maintenance costs incurred by the owner.

In addition, those who have traveled more than 10,000 kilometers a year are often reminded that they often only pay attention to the number of kilometers traveled by the vehicle and ignore the timing limit for the replacement of the timing belt (if there is less time to drive, there will be no change to the mileage even if it is not five years. Also need to be replaced to avoid the aging caused by the timing belt break), eventually leading to the timing belt is too long and did not replace the phenomenon, the consequences of this small negligence can be imagined.

Once the timing belt is damaged, the valve and ignition will stop working and the engine will not work. In severe cases, the valve rod will be bent and the piston top will be bumped. In severe cases, the cylinder head will be damaged. If this happens, the engine will need to be overhauled, and the overhaul economy will lose even more.

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