E-commerce will become the mainstream of instrumentation market


E-commerce will become the mainstream of instrumentation market In the past fifteen years, China’s e-commerce has grown from scratch, from prosperity to prosperity, and experienced an era of rapid development. At present, the latest data released by the China Instrument and Meter Industry Association in 2011 showed that last year, the sales scale of China's instrumentation industry exceeded 500 billion yuan for the first time, and 5,521 large-scale enterprises across the industry, in the context of the “weak” global economic environment, China The instrumentation industry has opened up a new road of development in the manufacturing industry by joining hands with e-commerce to open up the domestic market, and it has become a “unique” high-speed development industry.

With the continuous expansion of market demand, the three comprehensive test chambers in the ring test industry have also been rapidly developed, but due to technical and innovation reasons, there are still gaps between the three domestic integrated test chambers and foreign countries, and the key core technologies are scarce. Product stability and reliability cannot be fundamentally resolved. The Internet e-commerce can help domestic instrument and meter companies participate in domestic and foreign competition, and compete directly with international markets, helping companies quickly break through the technical bottlenecks and achieve technological innovation and upgrading. Utilize this emerging e-commerce trading tool to broaden the company’s current sales channels, improve the business environment, optimize and activate the entire industry chain, actively integrate into the Internet trading model, and use the Internet and e-commerce to promote China’s instrumentation business. Bigger.

At present, in the domestic e-commerce market, many users use Baidu, Google and other search engines to optimize their keywords and purchase bids. In order to obtain more order conversion through continuous increase in exposure and clicks, Baidu has become a company since Google exited China. SEM's first major mainstream. In the current development of the Internet, the two companies are still leading the e-commerce industry.

However, with the intensification of competition in the competition of comprehensive platform stations and search engine rankings, some have turned to more professional websites, and the instrument and meter industry websites represented by China Chemical Instrument Network and China Experimental Equipment Network have gradually begun to rise. After years of hard work, it has become more and more popular.

In today's e-commerce development, the number of unimpeded information channels and information resources determines “life and death and success or failure”, which is particularly true for instrumentation, a highly specialized field. It integrates and develops all the advantages it has, establishes a complete set of service systems and models, and has many advantages such as the timely release of inquiries, complete and comprehensive data resources, authoritative information and professional expertise, and extensive network coverage. The appearance of a personalized industry portal site is no doubt a plus for the Chinese instrumentation industry that is in the stage of gradual development and growth. It will surely maintain the balance of the entire industry chain and establish more reasonable information exchanges. Channels play an important role in promoting.

The entry threshold for vertical e-commerce websites is not high, but the e-commerce market is still not a mature market. Regardless of whether it is a comprehensive or professional electronic website, the profit rate of its individual products is not high. Bulk purchases require a certain amount of funds and have strong financing needs. Therefore, it is not easy for enterprises to develop. How to maintain customer loyalty, as well as product cost control, logistics cost control, and product personalization are issues that these e-commerce websites should consider.

China's instrumentation industry has made great contributions to the development of this industry through the extensive application of e-commerce. With the arrival of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, China's instrumentation industry will also enter a period of rapid development. In the next five years, the total industrial output value will reach or approach RMB 1 trillion, and the average annual growth rate will reach 15%. In the next five years, the application of e-commerce in the instrument and meter industry in China will open up the market and will become the mainstream trend of continuous industry development.

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