Shangluo, Shaanxi Increases the Number of Pregnancy Tests for Preventing Female Students from Surveillance


Shangluo, Shaanxi Province to increase the number of pregnant female employees to prevent the birth of pregnant women diesel generators | diesel generators price / 2013-01-08

On the 5th, there were netizens who broke the news that the number of female employees in Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province, was changed from 2 to 4 times each year, causing dissatisfaction among female employees. Many netizens questioned “why do you want to have a pregnancy test and whether pregnancy test is mandatory”? In response, the Bureau of Population and Family Planning of Shangluo City responded that there were indeed two changes in the pregnancy test four times a year.
On the 5th, Ms. Zhang, who was certified as the deputy director of "China China Charm China, Shaanxi Section Group," broke the news on Weibo. "A female employee of the Shangluo Municipal Government complained that the original check ring was checked twice a year and now it becomes a 4 times a year?"
On the 6th, the reporter confirmed this with the Bureau of Population and Family Planning of Shangluo City. The person in charge of the Policy and Law Section of the Bureau of Population and Family Planning of Shangluo City confirmed that in the city there were indeed two incidents in which the pregnancy test was changed twice a year. These people are concentrated in Shangzhou District where Shangluo City Government is located.
For the reason why the annual pregnancy test is set to 4 times, the responsible person said that 4 times of pregnancy examination is to check once every quarter, so that the check out of the pregnancy will not exceed 3 months, to facilitate the flow of the super-born fetus. The greater the number of months, the greater the damage to pregnant women when abortion is performed, and the fact that the pregnancy test four times reduces the degree of damage to women.
The reporter inquired about the regulations on the number of pregnancy inspections that could not be found in the Population and Family Planning Regulations of Shaanxi Province.
In response to the question of "compulsory pregnancy test," the responsible person stated that "pregnancy test is a free service provided by the birth control department to the public and is not mandatory, but it is also an obligation of the public." Citizens need to cooperate with the family planning department to do a pregnancy test, otherwise The family planning department will be punished according to the relevant provisions of the "Population and Family Planning Regulations." At the same time, she also confirmed that Shangluo local governments will also impose penalties on women who refuse pregnancy tests based on actual conditions.
â–  Follow up
"Pregnant inspection doubles anti-cadre workers to take the lead in overtaking students"
Shangluo Shangzhou District Family Planning Bureau staff said that the pregnancy test was changed to 4 times to facilitate the early detection of her pregnancy
A staff member of the Bureau of Family Planning of Shangzhou District, Shangluo City, said that the pregnancy test was actually carried out by three investigations (inspection of the ring and checkup of pregnant women), that is, if women who were pregnant in the ring need to be pregnant, they need to check if the ring is damaged and women who have not been ringed You need to check if you are pregnant. At the same time, the family planning department also provides some simple gynecological examinations for free.
The staff member said that taking into account the relatively high quality of the staff and workers of the organs and the stronger awareness, and the stricter management of the family planning work by the authorities, when implementing the family planning pregnancy inspection policy, the Bureau had previously worked for the female staff of the authorities in the Shangluo area. Only 2 pregnancy checks are carried out each year, and the general citizens of the city and the female employees of the institutions outside the urban areas are subjected to 4 pregnancy checks every year. "But since August last year, the family planning department has changed the number of pregnancy tests for municipal female staff to four."
As for why the original two pregnancy checks were changed to four times, the staff member said that it was convenient for early detection of her pregnancy. “Before the 1st and 3rd quarter inspections, some people went to the first inspection in the early part of the first quarter and the second inspection at the end of the 3rd quarter. After the 1st quarter inspection, she immediately became pregnant and waited for the inspection at the end of the 3rd quarter. The child can no longer have abortion.” The staff member said that because female workers had such a precedent, in order to prevent cadres and workers from taking the lead in surpassing, after August of last year, the city’s female workers and staff members were required to adopt a unified pregnancy inspection policy four times a year.
â–  Lawyer statement
The number of pregnancy tests cannot be complied with
Zhang Huadong, a lawyer of civil law firm of Beijing Guokai Law Firm, believes there is no regulatory basis for the number of mandatory inspections. He said that the "Regulations on Population and Family Planning in Shaanxi Province" implemented on July 1, 2009 only stipulated that couples of child-bearing age should consciously implement family planning methods for contraceptive birth control and receive guidance on family planning technical services.
The number of inspections on contraceptive birth control was not mentioned in this regulation; the "Management Measures for Family Planning of Floating Population in Shaanxi Province" implemented on January 1, 2013 also did not have a clear provision on the number of pregnancy inspections. There are relevant provisions in the method, but this method only applies to the floating population and has already expired.
Lawyer Zhang Huadong said that the formulation and implementation of birth control and birth control measures should guarantee citizens' right to health, right to know and choice. According to the "Population and Family Planning Law of the People's Republic of China" and the "Regulations on Family Planning for Floating Population" of the State Council, the formulation and implementation of birth control and birth control measures shall ensure that citizens choose safe, effective, and appropriate contraceptive and contraceptive measures. The implementation of contraception and birth control should ensure the safety of the subject.
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