Fangyuan Group Convenes Experts to Conduct Tower Crane Technical Conference


In early July, Fangyuan Group invited relevant experts from China Academy of Building Research and users to attend the TC7030 tower crane technology seminar. The conference focused on the QTY250 (TC7030) tower crane newly developed by Fangyuan Group to carry out technical exchanges and seek valuable opinions so as to further improve and perfect the products, bring the products to the market, serve the market and serve the customers.
The QTZ250 (TC7030) tower crane is based on the advantages of the domestic and international tower cranes of the same type, combined with the company's years of experience in designing and developing tower cranes, and jointly researching with the Construction Mechanization Research Branch of China Academy of Building Research. Lifting equipment developed. The QTZ250 (TC7030) tower crane hoisting, swinging and luffing all adopt the frequency conversion speed control, which makes the starting and braking of each mechanism more stable and minimizes the impact. At the same time, it is convenient for high-speed operation and slow in-position. The hoisting mechanism of variable frequency speed regulation has low energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection. In addition, the hoisting mechanism adopts a large-diameter double-folding groove drum, which can effectively improve the rope rope condition, reduce the swing angle of the steel rope, and increase the service life of the steel rope. The slewing mechanism adopts variable-frequency motor speed regulation and has a wide speed range. , Big difference, compact structure, high reliability. The reducer is a four-stage planetary transmission. The tooth profile of the output gear is “drum-toothed”, which ensures that the gear and the slewing bearing maintain the correct meshing state, thus ensuring the normal operation of the mechanism and improving the service life of the slewing bearing and the slewing reducer. The slewing mechanism and the slewing bearing mesh with each other to facilitate the maintenance of the mechanism. The variable amplitude mechanism is composed of a variable-frequency motor, a built-in planetary reducer, a reel, etc. It has a compact structure, high transmission efficiency, safe braking, and accurate positioning. Features.
All the experts visited the production area and production workshop of Fangyuan Group Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd., and detailedly observed the new tower cranes of Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd., and highly appraised the applicability, reliability, and safety of the cranes of the Fangyuan Group. In view of the current status of tower cranes and the newly developed products, in-depth discussions were conducted and many rationalization proposals were put forward.

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