Yiduo Group forklifts increase R&D efforts to cover the national market


Recently, the editors learned from the Ford Group Co., Ltd. that the company has developed 10 sets of 20 new products for economical forklifts in the past three years. The market share of small forklifts is more than 50%. This time the “forklifts went to the countryside” was a Drag to expand new space for development.
In early 2006, Yiduo Group took advantage of the country’s policy of vigorously developing unburned bricks, aimed at the rural market, and implemented the forklift operation strategy for the countryside, changing the production of 1.5 tons to 6 tons of internal combustion counterbalanced forklifts to the production of small tonnage forklifts with a capacity of less than 3 tons. A small economy forklift was also developed for brick factories. The company’s general manager, Cui Minjie, said that the three agricultural forklifts with a capacity of less than 1.5 tons were developed and sold out as soon as the products were put on the market.
In order to ensure the leading position of the market, a tow truck company has continuously increased its research and development efforts. In the past three years, it has developed a total of 10 series of 20 new products ranging from 0.8 tons to 5 tons and has obtained two national patents. In 2008, the sales of agricultural forklift trucks exceeded 1,000 units, and nearly 300 units were sold in the first quarter of this year. Agricultural forklifts have covered the national market except Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.
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