What's the mainly function of automatic dispensing machine


What's the mainly function of automatic dropping machine

World Cup Gift Silicone Keychain Dispensing Machine

The automatic dropping machine is mainly for making the multi color plastic products, like the pvc and silicone products,

such as phone case, labels , key chain, USB case, shoes sole, zip puller and so on.

The dropping machine also have many names, like Automatic Dispensing Machine, automatic dripping machine, filling machine.

It can replace 4-5 workers for filling the multi-color logo on the metal mold. It can save the labor cost.

Here is the whole process of making the pvc labels,

Pvc Labels

1.Mixing machine is for mixing the liquid pvc and colors,

2.Vacuum machine is for removing the bubble of liquid pvc material,

3.Dispensing Machine is for filling the multi colors on the mold with liquid pvc,

4.PVC production line if for drying and baking the liquid pvc on the mold,

5.Feeding machine is for filling the basic labels

PVC Labels Making Machine

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