Jianghuai Heyue is the focus of the year


In the first half of 2009, the automobile market ended. JAC passenger vehicles sold over 10,000 units for four consecutive months since March, and accumulated sales reached 55,317 units. The year-on-year growth rate was the highest in the industry, and Refine (commentary of the offer gallery) won MPV sales for six months. According to the latest statistics from the China Passenger Cars Joint Meeting, in June, the sales of JAC passenger vehicles reached 10,277 units, ranking among the top five in the self-owned brand camp, and the year-on-year sales growth from January to June. It reached 66.4%, ranking first in mainstream auto companies. This indicates that Jianghuai Passenger Vehicle has become a mainstream brand in the auto market after rapid development. “Jianghuai Speed” has become the most noteworthy industry phenomenon in the Chinese auto market in the first half of the year.

The leaders of Jianghuai Automobile Passenger Vehicle Company stated that Jianghuai Passenger Vehicle had outstanding performance in the first half of 2009. On the one hand, it was inseparable from the macroeconomic overall environment and the government’s support for small-displacement cars and independent brands. On the other hand, it was Jianghuai. Accumulated after 45 years of experience in building a car. At present, China’s economy has successfully stabilized and the government’s favorable policies for encouraging automobile consumption will be gradually introduced and put in place. Therefore, there is a reliable guarantee for the steady growth of the auto market in the second half of the year. Therefore, Jianghuai Passenger Vehicle has decided to set the original 100,000 units. The production and sales target is adjusted to 120,000 units. At the same time, in the second half of 2009, JAC will launch several new models. In the near future, the original design drawings and 3D renderings of the new Yue Yue MPV have been exposed again, which has aroused widespread concern among users and auto media.

The internal code of the car in Jianghuai is BMPV, and B stands for the B-class sedan platform. It is a compact family utility vehicle and its body size is similar to the Ford S-MAX.

From the perspective of the renderings, the vehicle's entire vehicle flow line is relatively clear. The taillights of the tail shape and the lines crossing the body form an arrow that shoots out, emphasizing the dynamics, which is relatively rare in the design of the MPV models.

However, from the perspective of the three-dimensional rendering, the car is full of movement. The shape of the front face is very similar to Tong Yue. This front face shape should be the family character of the JAC sedan. In addition, the author finds that the shape of the rims is very similar to that of Tongyue. It is simple and generous, and it may be another family feature of Jianghuai.

According to the leadership of Jianghuai Passenger Car Company, based on the optimistic judgment of the auto market in the second half of the year, Jianghuai Passenger Vehicle has already adjusted its original target of 100,000 units to 120,000 units, and the adjustment rate has reached 20%, which also means that JAC Motors has This year's sales of vehicles will double year-on-year, which is one of the fastest in the industry.

The reporter believes that for JAC, it is fully guaranteed that production and sales targets will be increased by 20,000 units. For example, in the second half of the year, the two new models of Jianghuai Yuet Automobile and Heyue MPV will be fully listed. The production capacity of Tongyue and Tongyue RS is also rapidly climbing, while the sales of Ruifeng and Ruiying are stable. With rapid growth, it is entirely possible to complete the 120,000 missions.

It is reported that the production and sales target of JAC passenger vehicles is 120,000 units this year, while the production and sales target of JAC commercial vehicles is 180,000 units, and the sum of the two is 300,000 units. If it is successfully completed, the position and ranking of JAC automobiles in the domestic automobile industry will be completed. Greatly improved, the right to speak in the market will also increase a lot, and by 2010, JAC car production and sales will be a new level, ranking among the mainstream of the domestic automobile group. ”

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