Weichai Power Launches Lanqingguo IV Engine


Weichai Power Co., Ltd. announced on the 6th that its upgraded version of the Weichai Blue Engine 4 engine will be on the market. This engine will be tested with Beiqi Foton Co., Ltd. and the strategic alliance between the two companies will be further deepened. At present, China 4 emission standards have not yet been formally introduced.

Weichai Power announced that its Blue-Qing Guo IV engine was an upgraded version of the new development. It upgraded the electronic control system with its 12-liter mature model, Weichai Power's Lanqing WP12 series, and its control unit. The supply unit, cost, etc. are more excellent, possessing features such as low emissions, high economy, high dynamics, and driving comfort, and possess the core technology of the National IV diesel engine. On June 28 last year, Foton Motor and Weichai Power signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides have made greater efforts to cooperate in product chain innovation, increase resource allocation efficiency, jointly develop markets, and jointly build market service networks.

According to reports, Weichai Power will also co-register with Foton Motor and possess the core power brand "Wei Chaiou V Power."

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