The auto parts auto parts market gradually moves toward one-stop


Editor's note: With the global auto parts manufacturers in China have basically completed the layout, the auto parts aftermarket market's pattern is quietly changing. While opening up sales channels for traditional parts and components, many parts and components manufacturers are exploring new product sales channels, and the sales channels for parts and components are moving toward diversification. Goodyear's alliance with so many well-known international companies, in the final analysis, is to increase the company's profit sources. Compared with the scenes of automotive OEMs, the gross profit of the tire industry is very low. Due to the recent rising prices of raw materials, tire companies in the downstream of the industry are only looking for new opportunities to enable them to have stronger survivability. And choosing to cooperate with Goodyear, for other companies, it is fancy China's huge network layout and product positioning in China, providing a good opportunity for further expanding its sales channels and strengthening terminal competitiveness. Although Michelin and Goodyear are commercial behaviors based on their own interests, they are objectively helpful in promoting the service of the aftermarket in the auto parts market in China.

Following the alliance between Michelin and Shell Lubricants, Johnson Controls, and German BSS in September 2006, Goodyear, the international tire company, once again broke through the traditional single-tire store format in January 2007, with Shell China, DuPont China, and Delphi China. Federal-Mogul and other companies that provide world-class automotive maintenance products and spare parts have signed retail cooperation agreements.

The agreement stipulates that the products and services of Shell and other companies can enter nearly 700 authorized service centers in the country's 250 cities, further enriching the center's product categories and service content. Consumers can purchase a wide range of car care products and enjoy a comprehensive, convenient and standardized “one-stop” service in any Goodyear-authorized service center, including tires, oil, batteries, audio, and DIY supplies. Fast maintenance and so on.

In addition to sharing Goodyear's retail channels and customer resources, the partners will also conduct comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in product supply, service support, and professional and technical training to promote the overall service level and service quality of the existing Goodyear brand retail network. Further improve.

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